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Ryan Dearringer and his artwork can be found at his private art studio:

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Call between 10-8 any day to discuss your tattoo. Leave a message and a brief description of the work you are wanting to have done, and Ryan will get back with you as soon as possible to discuss your tattoo. Keep in mind that Ryan is an accomplished custom tattoo artist in the Indianapolis area, so there will be a wait. Scheduling your tattoo in advance will ensure you, and your tattoo get the attention you both deserve. Ryan Works by appointment only in his private studio, giving his clients the utmost attention during their visits, and does not answer the phone while working. A brief wait period is worth getting the quality tattoo that you desire, and if patience is an issue, Ryan is not the artist for you. Also, please remember that a broken tattoo appointment is a loss to everyone involved, so if for some unforeseen reason, you can not make your scheduled appointment, it is best to give notice, and re-schedule your tattoo at the earliest convenience. Deposits are required to schedule your tattoo, and will be discussed during the consultation either by phone, or in person.

Color Tattoos

This is a custom chest tattoo that I did for a really cool kid named J.R.  He has awesome tattoo ideas left and right, and this one was no different.  It is a demon of sorts coming through his chest with some mechanical parts in the back. These are color portrait tattoos of my clients little girls on the side of his calve.  The portraits came out awesome, and at some point, I would love to get a background put in.  These were done in two passes, and were a ton of fun to do. This is a tattoo that I did off of a painting portraying the Archangel Michael slaying the devil for my client Jeremy.  It was pretty challenging trying to get the painterly effects to come out right in the tattoo, but it all fell together to make an amazing tattoo.   This is a custom zombie tattoo that I did on a longtime client and friend Kyle.  We wanted to do the tattoo in an illustrative style, and not too dark, so that his children wouldn't be scared of it.  We have had talks of expanding it around his leg. This is Mellisa's custom cherry blossom quarter sleeve tattoo.  we wanted to make it bold and bright, but very airy at the same time so that it would be very feminine.  This tattoo healed out ridiculously bright, and to this day, gets tons of comments when people look through my portfolio.  I hope Mellisa likes it as much as everyone else seems to. This is a custom tattoo that I put together for a client from Washington D.C.  I am always flattered when my clients travel from farther away to get tattooed by me.  His name is Todd Grover, and he is a huge Alice Cooper fan, so we merged his inner Muppet with his inner urge to cut off baby doll heads and came up with this.  We tattooed for three days in a row and worked it to completion as we went in order to be able to complete the tattoo in one visit... what a trooper.  Todd also has some great portraits of his children by Kat Von D.  I was honored to add to his collection, as I am with all my clients.   This is my rendition of Master Shake done on my buddy Chad.  He always has awesome tattoo ideas, and he was gracious enough to let me experiment with doing a cartoon character rendered in a portrait realism style.  I had a lot of fun with this tattoo, and still to this day get lots of comments about how much people like this one.  Chad has some of my personal favorite tattoos I have done, largely because he likes  a lot of the same things I do. This is Mindy's custom Lilly.  I had a lot of fun doing this tattoo and playing around with the background to make it more airy.  This is Tasha's Dove sidepiece.  We wanted to do something unique with tribal and work a soft dove carrying a leaf in for contrast and context. This is on a really cool guy from Ohio named Rodney that I have really connected with.  We share a lot of the same theories and ideas in life, and always have a great time when we have our tattoo sessions.  Not only that, he also has great taste in tattoos.  We did the design in the middle intending for it to have a kaleidoscope effect to represent his mother as a beacon of light during more turbulent times in his life. This is a Custom tattoo that I put together for my brother from another mother, Normavelli. It is a fantasy pinup of a bio-organic future gone bad and inevitably, caused by a woman...Just kidding. This is a Custom fantasy pin-up that I did for my friend Brett.  Brett has done a lot to help me out with my career over the last few years, and this is one of the ways that I thank him.  This was originally done as a black and gray tattoo, only to be colored in later on. This is a custom tattoo that I did for a guy named Chad.  It is a tribute to his daughter Kenzie, and a way for him to remember her innocent years as a baby/toddler.  She loves playing with the phone, and says 'hewhoa.'  The info on the screen is her birth information.  This was a very cool and original idea. Those of you like myself that grew up on 'Garbage Pail Kids' need no introduction... Those who don't, meet 'Well Done Sheldon.'  This tattoo was a blast. This is a custom lotus flower and heart tattoo that I put together.  This was her first tattoo, and she sat like a champ for it.  This is a custom tattoo that I put together for a client from St. Louis.  We went with a fusion style in multiple ways.  There is a little of everything going on here. This is a custom tattoo that I put together for my friend Brentos.  He is a body piecer and B-Boy from the mean streets of Kentucky. Portrait of Mike's Mom.  Mike is a really cool guy, and a fireman. This is a Portrait tattoo that I did on my good friend Norm.  He is a huge Tupac Shakur fan. This is Marcy's Michael Jackson portrait.  She has always been a huge fan, and after he passed away, she decided to show her love. This is Ashe's custom zombie unicorn tattoo.  It was inspired by a piece of artwork that I had done, and she has always been a fan of cute yet contradictory artwork.  She is also the owner of my first sleeve tattoo. this is a tattoo that I did on my client J.R.  He is really into the gory, strange, and creepy stuff.  Hope you like it, because it likes you. These are my good friend Gilly's Water lotus flowers.  This tattoo was a lot of fun to do, and hopefully someday we will finish it out as a sleeve.  This is Abby's Nautical Compass tattoo.  She had this done prior to going over seas with the Navy.  We placed it on her foot as a reminder to never lose her way. Everyone Loves Wolverine, especially if your name is Logan.  This is a full custom Wolverine.  I love doing my own renditions of comic book characters.  I wanted this tattoo to be as realistic as possible while still being what it is.  Essentially, If it were up to me, Wolverine would look something like this. This full custom hibiscus tattoo is on Rosy the unstoppable. This is a portrait of my client's son as a Jedi.  We took a photo of him holding a broomstick and a few alterations later, Tyler is now a Jedi pimp. This is a Day of the Dead fantasy pinup girl tattoo.  Norm loves his women.  This is still one of my favorite tattoos to this day. This is a custom Biomechanical clock chest tattoo.  The time on the clock is his daughter's birthday.  This tattoo was a lot of fun, and would be super badass if it were to ever expand. These are some cute little four petal cherry blossoms that I tattooed on a foot.  I always have a lot of fun with little tattoos like this because it is a great opportunity to se how crisp I can make them. This is my rendition of a classic tattoo design... the tiger butterfly.  I had a lot of fun tattooing this, and have wanted to do one like this for quite some time.  I essentially tried to make the tattoo look like two different tattoos depending on how you focused on it.  This is a portrait tattoo of Darth Vader that I tattooed on my friend Aaron.  This is Kurt's Custom fantasy pinup girl tattoo that I designed and modeled after his wife who is a teacher.    This is a custom zombie tattoo that I did on a forearm.  I used some creative blending techniques to turn the hair into blood, and also added a nice framework style design to make things interesting.  This is Marcy's custom lion  portrait tattoo on the side of her calve.  The jewelry at the bottom are sweetheart bracelets that her grandparents made and she wanted incorporated in honor of them.  This was two sessions, one black and gray and one color.  It came out beautiful. This is a Darth Vader Tattoo that I did on a hand while at a convention in Chicago in 2008.  I love tattooing the back of a hand.  I think it may be one of my favorite locations to do a nice piece of artwork.  Tattoos just fit perfectly on them. This tattoo was one of my earliest biomech tattoos.  The collector that this is on is a Gemini so we incorporated two twin fetus being incubated.  It also doubled as a political statement with them being trapped in strait jackets and brainwashed from birth. This is a custom bird that I designed to be cartoonish, but very molded, and realistic at the same time.  Double Dorje' tattoo on our piercer Turtle's hand. This is a custom rose tattoo that I did in a realism style. Yoda Portrait tattoo on Trevs leg. Custom Knife on Aaron's shoulder.  This tattoo was a blast, and an excellent chance to try out a new custom tattoo machine that I had just rebuilt... Works great. This tattoo was designed with a double meaning.  What good is the world in the palm of your hand, when it's going to Hell? Tim's evil clown tattoo.  This tattoo was Tons of fun to do.  I drew it on his leg with markers and went to town.  I really like doing tattoos like this a lot, and wish I had more opportunities. This tattoo was tons of fun. I wish I had more opportunities to tattoo off the wall subjects. It is a Pope John Paul pez dispenser dispersing communion wafers done in a new school style.  Thanks Rodney. This is JJ's custom angel tattoo.  I had a lot of fun working on this tattoo, and JJ is an awesome guy, which only made the tattoo that much more enjoyable to do.  Some of the smaller elements loosely mean different things to him personally, and the tattoo looks great.  Sometimes people bring too much to the table and it can almost ruin the tattoo, but not in this case.  Hope you all like it as much as we do. This was a custom tattoo design chose directly out of my personal sketchbook.  There are a lot more of these that I really want to tattoo if there are any people interested in looking.
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