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Ryan Dearringer and his artwork can be found at his private art studio:

Studio D
Private Art Studio

Indianapolis, Indiana

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Call between 10-8 any day to discuss your tattoo. Leave a message and a brief description of the work you are wanting to have done, and Ryan will get back with you as soon as possible to discuss your tattoo. Keep in mind that Ryan is an accomplished custom tattoo artist in the Indianapolis area, so there will be a wait. Scheduling your tattoo in advance will ensure you, and your tattoo get the attention you both deserve. Ryan Works by appointment only in his private studio, giving his clients the utmost attention during their visits, and does not answer the phone while working. A brief wait period is worth getting the quality tattoo that you desire, and if patience is an issue, Ryan is not the artist for you. Also, please remember that a broken tattoo appointment is a loss to everyone involved, so if for some unforeseen reason, you can not make your scheduled appointment, it is best to give notice, and re-schedule your tattoo at the earliest convenience. Deposits are required to schedule your tattoo, and will be discussed during the consultation either by phone, or in person.
Notice to clients, friends, and potentials of both: I have recently made some very big changes regarding my career. I have decided to move on from my previous place of business, and wish the best for the new regime at the shop I have been at for my entire career. I did my apprenticeship there, then worked there, then owned and operated the location for the better part of the last 9 years. I have been through ups and downs, and poured blood, sweat, tears, and laughter all throughout that place, and it will forever be a place I will look back on in life as both a special place, and special time in my life that have helped mold me into who and what I am today. Thank you to all those who had a part in my experiences over the years. Friends, clients, co-workers... you all know who you are. I love you all, and thank you for 9 amazing years. I hope to see you in the next chapter of my life as well.
That said, I am very hopeful, excited, and optimistic about my future in my new place. I am working in a private studio on the North side of town, and taking the next step to make the experience as special as possible for myself and my clients as well. I am looking forward to being able to give every one of my clients all of my attention while they are with me, and not feeling spread so thin. I also look forward to having enough space that I can cater to them more, as well as being able to have a lot of extra space to be able to work on my other arts and expand my horizons in those sectors as well.

If you are interested in having a tattoo done, and are looking for an artist, feel free to call or email, and we will discuss options and ideas. Ryan is currently accepting new clients, and will return your calls and emails about your tattoos as soon as his workload will permit.

Indianapolis, Indiana - Custom Tattoo Artist

Why should Ryan be the tattoo artist I trust to do my tattoo?

When Looking to get a new tattoo, most people want an artist that is going to put forth every possible effort to make their tattoo the absolute best that it can be. They want a tattoo artist who puts every ounce of his ability to work every time he picks up his tattoo machine. That is something that seems more and more difficult to come by, and the more immersed people become in the culture of tattoo, the more they come to realize this. It is always best to find an artist who understands that no matter what it is you are getting, the tattoo is special in some way to you, the client, and it should be approached with respect. With Ryan, you are assured this: You will get top quality artwork, done to the best of his ability, every time, and at a fair and reasonable price. Just remember, tattoos are permanent, and should be approached with respect.

On a more personal note, Ryan is 31 years old and is from the Indianapolis, Indiana area. He is a proud father of two amazing little boys, and believes very strongly that being a father is his number one job in life. He served in the military for six years and has a strong moral and ethical set. He believes in honesty, respect, loyalty, selflessness, and integrity above all. He tries to be as genuine as possible, and treat all people with respect. Ryan doesn't smoke, rarely drinks, and art is his outlet in his life.

Ryan Dearringer is an award winning, custom tattoo artist in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is among a breed of tattoo artists who rely on the elements and principles of fine art, to create tattoos that are not only imaginative, creative, and original, but also special and unique to the person who will wear it. He pulls inspiration for his tattoo work from all styles and influences of art, and attempts to push the boundaries of tattooing, and his own artwork to new levels daily. Whether they be portraits, traditional tattoos, New School tattoos, graffiti , color, or black and grey tattoos, Ryan has a way of making it work in an innovative manner, and tries not to be confined by any specific "style." He believes that the core of what makes a tattoo artist great, is finding a point where they can marry the confines of the technical skills of tattooing, with the vast infinite possibilities of art as a whole. That is not to say he takes for granted the technical aspects required to produce excellent tattoos. He prides himself on his hard earned skills, learned by countless hours of building, tinkering, fine tuning, experimenting, and perfecting his craft with the equipment relative to the medium of tattooing. He also believes techniques can be taught, but true artists are born. Art is the soul of a tattoo. He approaches each and every tattoo design he creates in a similar manner. He does his best to pull the fundamentals of art that have withstood the test of time in both the fine arts and tattooing together, apply them to the tattoo medium, and create tattoos that are not only great tattoos, but great artwork in general. He also believes that tattoos are an extension of the person wearing them, and that one's tattoo should suit them as an individual, otherwise we would not get them. In every tattoo design Ryan creates, he attempts to capture some of the personality of the person wearing it in the design, while pouring his soul into it at the same time, in order to further personalize and customize the tattoo to suit them, as well as to make his clients as happy with both the tattoo they receive, and experience they endure, as humanly possible.

Color Tattoos

This tattoo was tons of fun. I wish I had more opportunities to tattoo off the wall subjects. It is a Pope John Paul pez dispenser dispersing communion wafers done in a new school style.  Thanks Rodney. Everyone Loves Wolverine, especially if your name is Logan.  This is a full custom Wolverine.  I love doing my own renditions of comic book characters.  I wanted this tattoo to be as realistic as possible while still being what it is.  Essentially, If it were up to me, Wolverine would look something like this. This is Marcy's Michael Jackson portrait.  She has always been a huge fan, and after he passed away, she decided to show her love. This was a custom tattoo design chose directly out of my personal sketchbook.  There are a lot more of these that I really want to tattoo if there are any people interested in looking.

Black & Grey Tattoos

These are portrait tattoos of his children.  the top one is mostly healed, but the bottom one is freshly done in this photo. This is a custom Bio-mechanical heart chest-piece. We went with a fusion style on this (spot color in a black and gray tattoo)in order to make it pop a bit more.  I modeled the heart itself after a sacred heart, minus the flame, and included a few pieces to look a bit like a Zippo lighter to give it a little more creativity. I call this tattoo 'Watch what you eat.'  I did this on my apprentice Dane 'the Chainsaw' Smith and had a lot of fun with it.  I drew a lot of inspiration from his artwork when putting it together with markers on his forearm. Keep an eye out for his work on our shop's website.  There are big things in his future. This is a black and gray portrait tattoo that I did for a really cool guy of his wife inside of his bicep.  The portrait came out beautiful. This is a custom Graffiti new school style piercing needle that I tattooed on the piercer at our shop.  This piece actually won my first award. This is a custom black and gray three quarter sleeve of a koi fish.  There is also a pretty sweet samurai on the inside of his arm where the sleeve wraps.

Fine Art

Markers on Illustrator board.  Untapped Knowledge.  5X7 Acrylic on bristol board.  11X14 'BioGirl1' Acrylic on bristol.  11x17


Welcome to the website of Ryan Dearringer. Ryan is one of Indianapolis, Indiana's premier award winning, and hardest working tattoo artists. Here you will view the evolution of Ryan Dearringer's art and tattooing. Ryan works hard as an artist to bring his clientele the most original and creative custom tattoo work found in Indianapolis, and it's surrounding areas. After all, who wants anything less than their artist's best when it comes to the art they wear on their dermal canvas. Ryan believes wholeheartedly that everyone deserves the best tattoo possible, by the best and most dedicated tattoo artist possible, whether black and grey, or color tattoos that they prefer. Ryan is always persevering as an artist, and tattooist, and does his best to blend the art and tattoo aspects into a unique and personal style of tattoo art.


1. How do I heal my tattoo?

First of all, we need to understand the nature of a tattoo, to be able to best formulate the method to effectively heal one. Tattoos are not deep wounds, they are surface abrasions going only minimally into the outer layers of our flesh. A tattoo is essentially a colorful equivalent of a large scratch. The main difference being that we want to keep the foreign bodies in it, instead of taking them out. This is the main reason that I stress NOT TO USE ANTIBIOTIC CREAMS (Bacitracin/Neosporin) or similar substances in the healing process, unless one encounters the rare occasion of a bad heal, consisting of a rare allergic reaction or rare infection. These substances are intended to take foreign bodies out of wounds, and ink is a foreign body... mostly made up of alcohol, glycerin, water, and various minerals to get different pigmentation. The best substances to use are skin moisturizers such as ointments designed for chapped and dry skin, or hypo-allergenic or plain, non-scented lotions(Lubriderm or Curel original formula). Many artists have different methods that they believe work better, but most all will agree that this method works. If you are going to use an ointment, it is best to use something formulated for moisturizing and helping skin renew, such as Aquaphor, Vitamin A&D ointment, or Baby Eczema cream. These substances are more like thicker lotions, than medicated healing ointments that are used for cleaning wounds and preventing infections. Moisturizing ointments are good because of the high content of Vitamins A,D,& E, which are excellent for the skin, however, tend to be a little bit greasy in comparison to a lotion, so they take a little more care during application so as to not over-moisturize, or irritate the tattoo during application. The less petroleum content in the ointment, the better. I believe that the less petroleum there is in the ointment, the easier it is absorbed into the pores of the skin. When using an ointment some believe it works better to cease using the ointment when the tattoo starts to peel, and switch to one of the above said lotions. This is because lotion is thinner, and takes less to work into the skin, and when a tattoo is peeling, you want to retain as much of that skin as possible. Here are a few things to remember when healing a tattoo.

-For the first week of the healing process, It is ok in some situations to wrap your tattoo with saran wrap at night while you sleep, or in the event the tattoo runs extra risk of becoming dirty, or being put in contact with an unclean surface. In these events, clean the tattoo thoroughly but gently using luke warm water, dry it avoid application of lotion or healing ointment, and wrap the tattoo. Upon waking up, or removal of the wrap, clean the tattoo, re-apply moisturizer, then keep it uncovered/unwrapped throughout the day to allow it to breathe. This keeps your tattoo moist during the night using your bodies' natural moisture. During sleep is the longest period your tattoo should go without your attention. It can also help keep your tattoo from sticking to your linens as well as keeping all the nasty stuff that is hiding in your bed, out of your tattoo.

-Only use a non-scented soap to clean it... no perfumed soaps. Dial Gold is a great option as is Dr. Bronners unscented baby soap.

-Never soak your tattoo in standing water, only cleanse with running water over the top of it, not directly on it, and hand wash with only the lather. No direct un-lathered soap. Do not grind soap directly onto it, because then it is more difficult to wash it back out. Never use anything abrasive like fu-fu loofah sponges or washcloths... be gentle. This also means no soaking or swimming until the tattoo is completely healed otherwise it can get soggy and excess skin can come off. I shouldn't need to tell you why this is bad.

-Keep your tattoo lubed up and moisturized but not over moisturized. It should be lubricated or moist to the touch, but not caked on to the degree that you can scrape it off and have excessive build up, or write your name in it. If your tattoo starts to feel dry, give it more lotion. it should need moisturized every 3-4 hours, Possibly up to five hours with a thicker ointment. Clean the tattoo, and apply more lotion or ointment Right before going to sleep if you do not wrap it, and right away upon waking, and also immediately after any additional cleansing.

-Pat your tattoo dry, very gently, with something soft, or just let it air dry... No wiping over it, until it is fully healed.

-Sun is your tattoo's worst enemy, especially when it is healing. Keep your tattoo art out of the sun during healing, and always use a high SPF sunblock to help protect it during exposure to sunlight. The sun will fade your tattoo, just as it fades anything else with color.

-Any other questions regarding tattoo aftercare... call a professional, preferably the one who did your tattoo. Don't listen to your friend just because they have a lot of tattoo work on them, this doesn't make them a viable source on the topic of tattoos.

2. How do I find/Pick a good tattoo artist?

-If you are in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, simply call or email Ryan Dearringer(1-317-500-3339 or If this is not an option, refer to the next segment for further advice.

-Contrary to popular belief... just because a tattoo artist is at a reputable shop, doesn't mean they can do what you want them to. With this said... if they aren't at a reputable shop... the odds are definitely against them. there are a few diamonds in the rough however. Most likely, that one guy your friend knows, isn't one of them. In a world where anything can be bought on the internet, and anyone who can hold a pencil calls themselves an artist, it is probably best that you don't try your luck. The odds are against you. please support proven professionals. kitchen magicians and backyard scratchers give us all a bad name, and only drive down the reputations of those of us who do it the right way, and take the proper precautions to keep you safe, as well as give you a lifelong piece of artwork.

-Search for a solid tattoo portfolio. Make sure the artist is consistent, and that the tattoo work speaks for itself. Never mind what the artist says or promises, look at their work both in their portfolios, and try to see some healed work. Ask yourself, "does their work say the same thing that their mouth does?" ALWAYS VIEW THEIR PORTFOLIO. Many tattoo artists will promise you the world and then not come through on their promises or talk themselves up while not giving you any real evidence that they can do what they say. I find myself covering up these so called artist's mistakes on a regular basis. Be smart... It is permanent. I get sick of cover-ups... especially when a smart decision could have prevented the need for it, and given me, or another qualified artist the ability to do it right the first time, without the restrictions of a cover up. Usually, this results in a better tattoo because the limits are determined by us and our abilities, instead of a preexisting tattoo. You get what you pay for... cheap tattoos are not good, and good tattoos are not cheap. Most of the time a good artist is worth what they charge, and a longer wait indicates that they are good at what they do. People don't wait because they feel like waiting. They wait because they have found that waiting is worth it to them... don't go for the artist/shop that charges the least, or just because they can do it right now... base your decision on quality... View the portfolios!!! Happy hunting.